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  • Wellness Training

    The NEXT GENERATION of Red Cross Training is here!  Now offering a two year certification, this course teaches how to be prepared, respond to emergencies and provide care until advanced medical care arrives.  This course meets OSHA requirements and provides a choice of first aid, CPR and AED courses.

    This course is $65 per person. Please call for special group rates.

    Upcoming Course Dates

  • What’s New!

    4th Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair – a Big Success!

    Lesley Johnson discusses bike options with Goodale’s Bike Shop in front of the Red Cross Blood Bus.

    The Scott Lawson Companies hosted their 4th Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair on Tuesday, June 4. The American Red Cross team was there with the blood bus collecting blood. Between staff and numerous guests, 24 pints of blood were donated. The Bob Lobel show from WTPL, The Pulse, was there to promote … Read More

  • Employee Wellness

    Welcome to Workforce Wellness!

    Workforce Wellness LLC provides on site employee wellness and health services that help improve and sustain the health of employees and their families, reduce medical costs and decrease workers’ compensation claims. Healthy workers are productive, have lower rates of absenteeism (lost work days), decreased presenteeism (showing up but not performing well) and demonstrate higher morale. Employees in good health are less likely to get injured on the job. In the unfortunate event of an injury, healthy workers recover and return to work sooner.

    Investing in an employee wellness program yields an average return on investment of 4:1 through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, fewer workers’ compensation claims and reduced health insurance costs.

    What Makes us Different:

    • Our on site, personal coaching supports lifestyle changes and success of program participants.
    • Custom employee wellness programs meet the unique needs of your company’s culture, staff and budget.
    • Our exceptional support and service ensure your employee wellness program is a success.
    • Our unique and empowering online employee wellness resources.
    • Employee wellness services may be offered to compliment our workers’ compensation clients.


    An affordable employee wellness program tailored to meet the needs and interests of your business! Our skilled wellness coordinator will work with you to design and develop your wellness plan.

    Workforce Wellness offers customizable employee wellness plans that will help lower medical cost and improve the health and productivity of your workforce. Many companies realize the importance of improving the health and productivity of their workforce by implementing employee wellness programs. Finding the right provider is essential to the success of any employee wellness program investment. A qualified provider will conduct the appropriate health risk assessments, create a customized employee wellness plan based on your company’s unique needs and provide consistent support and assessments to ensure that you achieve your goals.

    Steps to a Healthier Workforce™ is a series of comprehensive and affordable employee wellness programs that will help to form healthy habits and make a valuable impact.

    • A Walk in the Park - For businesses just starting to embark on their wellness journey, A Walk in the Park is all about taking small steps. Basic access to our online employee wellness portal will provide your workforce with an introduction to healthy living. Engage employees with newsletters, tip sheets and challenges. Further customize your wellness experience by adding personal services available through our a la carte menu.
    • The Starting Line – For businesses that are ready to get on track with wellness. With a wellness plan that is delivered at your own pace, your workforce will be engaged in and excited about a healthier way of life. Our highly specialized team of wellness professionals will provide you with the right tolls to understand your starting point and keep you on track for success.
    • The Marathon – For businesses in need of a strategic option for achieving their goals. Our highly trained wellness coaches will provide continuous and consistent support to your workforce throughout your journey to wellness. Through regular planning, consulting and evaluation, this program will define your strategy and set the pace for successful, long-lasting results.
    • The Tailored Trek – Gives businesses the opportunity to tailor their employee wellness program based on the specific needs of the workforce and the organization through this fully customized program. Our skilled wellness coordinator will work with you to design a wellness program with a myriad of personal and online components from our wellness menu. This is the perfect program for businesses looking for a full service wellness plan that delivers results.

    Click Here to View the Steps to a Healthier Workforce Whitepaper

    We Also Offer a Broad Range of Powerful A La Carte Services!