"I would like to send a special 'Thank You' to you and the staff at Workforce Wellness, they did an excellent job today and I feel the fair was a great success. The coaches were awesome and very easy to work with."
Susan Peterson, Belletetes Inc.

EPTAM Plastics

Workforce Wellness has been a tremendous benefit to our company; it has allowed us to foster friendly competition among employees and raise awareness about making healthy choices.”
Marcy Cheney, EPTAM Plastics

New England Small Tube

"The Workforce Wellness team has taught my co-workers and I many important health facts that will benefit us on everyday tasks.  At the same time, they make learning fun and enjoyable by giving us great incentives, such as raffles and rewards."
Kyle Goguen

Southern New Hampshire University

"[Workforce Wellness] has assisted the Wellness Team in developing the Wellness Program. Our first two events have been successful. The support and resources [they have] provided have been exactly what I was looking for from a wellness consultant."
Maria Ashton, Benefits Administrator, Southern NH University

Holy Rosary Credit Union

"The Workforce Wellness Program for this 6 weeks of Healthy Eating/Nutrition etc has been great... The flyers were great and I liked receiving them ahead of time so they could plan if necessary. You and your group offer great service and I am glad we participated in this program."
Chris Patrowicz, AVP of Human Resources, Holy Rosary Credit Union

PJ Currier Lumber

"I beat my goal weight by 3lbs. I also lost 4 inches from my waist; I went from a size 40 to a size 36.  I just wanted to thank you. This was a great experience.  I’m not done yet. I’m gonna set a new weight goal for myself and go from there."
Rafael Cruz (Lost 28 lbs)

Associated Grocers of New England

"Over the last year, I've worked towards a healthier me...I still have a lot of work to do but I know with the help of Workforce Wellness, I'll make significant advances this year."
Jeff Sawyer, Associated Grocers of New England

Barett and Gould

"We LOVE our Wellness Program. The ladies are wonderful... Most of our people... having their blood pressure taken regularly, along with just being able to see you guys, is a huge win for them. They trust them, and know that they can get good advice from them."
JoAnna Maltby, Sales and Service, Barett and Gould

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  • Wellness Training

    The NEXT GENERATION of Red Cross Training is here!  Now offering a two year certification, this course teaches how to be prepared, respond to emergencies and provide care until advanced medical care arrives.  This course meets OSHA requirements and provides a choice of first aid, CPR and AED courses.

    This course is $65 per person. Please call for special group rates.

    Upcoming Course Dates

  • What’s New!

    4th Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair – a Big Success!

    Lesley Johnson discusses bike options with Goodale’s Bike Shop in front of the Red Cross Blood Bus.

    The Scott Lawson Companies hosted their 4th Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair on Tuesday, June 4. The American Red Cross team was there with the blood bus collecting blood. Between staff and numerous guests, 24 pints of blood were donated. The Bob Lobel show from WTPL, The Pulse, was there to promote …

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  • Agents

    In the current competitive market it is important to bring value added services to your client base. Partnering with Workforce Wellness to provide best in class wellness programs to your customers, is the best way to set  yourself apart from the rest of the market.

    • Fully Managed
      Workforce Wellness programs are fully managed by our highly specialized team of wellness professionals. From scheduling events to managing ongoing employee participation campaigns, the Wellness Team handles every detail so you don’t have to.
    • Customized & Comprehensive
      Workforce Wellness programs are fully customized and comprehensive. Our programs were designed for your clients’ specific needs, priorities and goals. Our skilled wellness coordinator will work with your clients to design long-lasting and effective wellness programs.
    • Independent
      Workforce Wellness programs are delivered independent of insurance carriers. Your clients retain all employee information and confidential health data, and maintain their wellness program without interruption.
    • Worry-Free
      Workforce Wellness programs allow our broker partners to be worry-free. Our programs are handled directly by the Wellness Team with one goal in mind: to provide your clients with the best wellness services while easing your workload.
    • Strategic Pricing
      Workforce Wellness programs are priced to be affordable additions to the brokerage services you provide. Our services are comprehensive and will have a valuable impact on you and your clients.
    • Expand Your Offerings
      Workforce Wellness will work with you as a partner. A partnership with us allows you to expand your wellness offerings without expanding your staff.

    Workforce Wellness programs are designed to bring the most value and best service plan to your clients.  The Steps to a Healthier Workforce™ programs have been designed to meet the needs of all sizes and types of employers. The packages offer multiple levels of service. Your customers can begin their wellness journey with a basis packageor enhance their wellness offerings with something more robust. You and your client have the  ability to review the packages and chose what is best for them.

    Click Here to View the Steps to a Healthier Workforce Whitepaper