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  • What’s New!

    Successful 3rd Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair!

    The Scott Lawson Companies hosted their 3rd Annual Blood Drive & Wellness Fair on Tuesday, June 5. The American Red Cross team was there with the blood bus collecting blood. Between staff and numerous guests, 24 pints of blood were donated. The Bob Lobel show from WTPL, The Pulse, was there to promote the event. A big thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success!
  • Asbestos

    When referring to asbestos, many categorize it as something you must test for the presence of, in an effort to remove it. Others may classify it as an Indoor Air Quality concern, requiring frequent testing to detect the presence of airborne (friable) asbestos.

    While The Scott Lawson Group, Ltd. is capable of testing for the presence of asbestos related to abatement procedures or Indoor Air Quality concerns, we also provide a range of solutions for managing asbestos in your building(s):

    Asbestos Surveys

    Building owners seeking to obtain a demolition and/or a renovation permit must have an asbestos survey performed. Therefore, knowing whether you have asbestos in your building (where it is, and how much you have) is the first step to properly managing how you deal with it. As most surveys are designed to support the need for abatement of asbestos it is common to see a lot of assumption of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) included in survey results. While this is a ‘safe’ approach in the sense that any material that could contain asbestos is removed, it is completely impractical in the sense that cost could be incurred to remove Non-ACM.

    We believe the proper approach is the best-practice one. It turns out, this is also the lowest net-cost approach. Our Licensed Inspectors perform thorough, AHERA Compliant  surveys identifying the quantity, type and condition of any ACM, giving you the information required to make the best decision in your renovation or demolition activities.

    Asbestos Abatement Oversight

    Regardless of the source of your Asbestos Survey, at the point you are ready to take on abatement, SLGL can help. Our Licensed Project Monitors oversee, and work with the best abatement firms in New England , to ensure that the your project is completed safely.

    Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

    Having inspected over 1,500 buildings in New England, SLGL is recognized as a leader in the fields of AHERA inspection and re-inspection. Our Licensed Project Designers also develop, and maintain Operation and Maintenance Plans to ensure that your School is totally complaint with the AHERA standard, and prepared for an EPA Inspection.


    For more information on how SLGL can help with your asbestos needs, contact us.