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Congratulations to NH’s Top 100 Private Companies!

According to a an article in the September edition of Business NH Magazine, there are “signs of economic hope” in the New Hampshire economy. This is exciting news for anyone doing business in the Northeast.

We’d like to take a few moments to recognize a few of those companies, and thank them for their past and continuing business.

20 Fastest Growing Companies

Three of our clients experienced growth large enough to merit recognition on the “20 Fastest Growing Companies on the Private 100″ list including two members from our SIGs including Novel Iron Works, Inc., who reported 22.29% growth, and New England Wood Pellet, LLC, who landed at the number three position with 55.12% growth, both over a 3-year average. New England Wood Pellet’s CEO Mark Wilson attributes his growth to the increasing cost of oil for heat, according to Business New Hampshire Magazine, Wilson states: “People want to find alternatives to heating oil.”

In the number one position, Dyn reported a 70.57% growth over that same three year  period, putting them at number 76 on the Top 100 list. With technology growing in to a more and more important part of the way people do business today, it’s no wonder Dyn has seen such astronomical growth. With nearly 20 data centers worldwide, CEO Jeremy Hitchcock remarks, “We take the hard part, basically that crucial role of getting the data where it needs to be for our clients, and make it happen with speed and reliability,” according to Business New Hampshire Magazine.

More Good News For NH Economy

Several members of the Top 100 Private Companies plan to add to the economy with the creation of  jobs, to the tune of 1,080 new positions opening up within 42 NH companies. We’d like to congratulate Dyn for their mention; Dyn has indicated that they intend to add about 80 jobs in the upcoming year. This is indeed exciting news for New Hampshire employees.

A Milestone and a Debut

Susan Peterson & David Belletete of Belletetes Inc.

A double congratulations goes out to Belletetes Incorporated in Jaffrey. Belletetes’ 115th anniversary also marks their debut on the Top 100 list at number 53.

The Top 100 Private Companies

We’d like to  congratulate the following companies for making the Top 100 List:

Again, congratulations to all the members of the Top 100 Private Companies of New Hampshire. Once again, to all of those listed above, thank you for your past and continued business. We look forward to hearing from you again soon!